Bringing a Community of Investors Together

  • Bringing Value Investors Together

VI College;

Bringing the best-in-class investing knowledge to you as the region’s leading Financial Education provider.

VI College courses are designed to debunk the myths around investing, and allow you to discover winning stock strategies while improving on your overall financial literacy.

Leave it to us to ensure new and refreshing content and programmes, whilst you learn to apply your investing knowledge directly into practical usage under the guidance of our experienced master trainers.

  • // Flagship Programmes

    Life and Investing

    Through a mix of interactive games, group activities, and discussions, the Life and Investing programme guides attendees through life's stages while teaching financial investment strategies. Participants will learn to invest in themselves, discover their true purpose, and gain valuable skills, knowledge, and direction to make sound financial decisions and achieve their goals.

    VI Prime

    VI Prime empowers investors to master three approaches to investing: Defense, Attack, and Cash Flow Generation, nurturing them to become holistic investors. These strategies help investors achieve long-term financial success through preserving capital, pursuing strategic opportunities, and generating regular income, thereby equipping investors with knowledge and confidence to make informed investment decisions.

  • // Anchor Programmes

    VI Prime Stock Bootcamp

    focuses on teaching individuals fundamental knowledge and practical skills for selecting and analyzing great stocks. The programme provides a structured framework for analysing stocks and is aimed at those who want to gain the necessary skills to make informed investment decisions for capital appreciation.

    VI Prime ETF Bootcamp

    is designed with a focus on passive income generation and capital preservation. The course educates participants about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which can be used to generate consistent returns while minimising risk.

    VI Prime Options Bootcamp

    educates individuals on how to use options contracts to minimise risk, generate stable cash flows, and increase investment returns. It is designed to provide knowledge and skills to individuals who want to use options contracts as a tool to enhance their investment strategy.

  • // Other Programmes

    Wealth Intelligence Plus

    Called “the most important financial class you will ever attend”; you deserve to lead a life of financial abundance and joy, and it will not happen unless you choose to fix your wealth container today.

    Only available for VI College graduates.

    Infinite Wealth

    The Infinite Wealth programme is an all-encompassing personal development and mentoring initiative that provides guidance and support in several areas, such as business strategies, stock investing, healthy living, and personal relationships. It aims to help individuals develop a well-rounded approach to their lives and achieve their full potential.

    Only available for VI College graduates.

    VI Summit

    Since 2012, VI Summit has been the largest gathering of value investors in Asia, bringing together renowned investors, fund managers, and investing experts from around the world. The annual event provides attendees with an opportunity to learn from and network with successful and influential figures in the investing industry and stay updated with the latest market trends and investment strategies.

  • // Edutainment & Outreach

    Money Money Home

    A financial literacy programme about the importance of managing personal and home finance in an easy-to-comprehend, light-hearted manner.

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    VI Club for Youth

    A financial education platform offered for free for students between 16 and 24 years old. VI Club for Youth is part of a CSR initiative driven under VI College with the aim of paving the way, empowering and encouraging financial literacy among young adults. Activities held work to instill good habits, sensible money management skills among youths.

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For more information, visit our VI College website.

Financial Advisory;

Financial advisory and wealth protection expertise with Vastus Wealth and 8VI FIN Malaysia.

Vastus Wealth and 8VI FIN Malaysia offer clients a comprehensive suite of wealth advisory services in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. Committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, Vastus Wealth and 8VI FIN works to deliver personalised, high touch services using the latest technology, in dedication of our purpose of serving the needs of our community as well as our mission of empowering everyone towards sustainable wealth.

The team of experts at Vastus Wealth and 8VI FIN is always ready to provide guidance and support to clients, no matter the financial situation or goals. The team believes that informed financial decisions ultimately lead to a positive impact to individuals and the people around them.

Contact Vastus Wealth (Singapore) or 8VI FIN (Malaysia) today to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial success and lead a life of Optimal Wealthness.

VI Community;

A community of investors brought together by 8VI.

Having touched more than 100,000 lives to date, VI Community has been the cornerstone of 8VI’s success – painstakingly built from the ground up over the last 15 years and drawing on many years of experience as a financial education provider.

VI Community members thrive on the social interaction within the community, which further drives a powerful network effect. This results in the generation of community-based content and active sharing of insights into investor behaviour.

For more on our VI Community, visit our VI College website or join the conversations on Facebook.